About Our Service

Unlike most other real estate companies in our area, we never charge a real-estate commission or hidden fees. Some companies charge 6% of the sales price and add additional fees. Depending on your selling or buying price, the savings with us can be huge!

Investor's Choice is an All-Inclusive Flat Fee Company led by an Ocean City realtor of 29 years. We know Ocean City.

We are a fast-growing company with a totally different approach to buying and selling beach homes. Unlike other old-fashioned companies we don't charge commissions or hidden fees. We charge a flat fee of $3500 for listing your property. If we list the property and find the buyer, a flat fee of $9000 is all you pay!
And if you are buying a home, we only charge a flat fee of $6000.
We’re online. We’re connected to the market. We have offices right on Coastal Highway in Ocean City. Contact us to find out more. Our licensed Realtors will show you how to approach selling or buying without the high-commissions.